7 Ideas for Backyard Pool Designs

Generally if you’ve seen one residential pool, you’ve seen them all. Too often people don’t do anything to give their pools individual flair, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be satisfied with an uninspired look. Here are seven ideas to consider for your new pool before you have it installed.

Before you have your pool installed consider some unconventional pool shapes and styles.

– If you like doing laps, you don’t have to get a standard sized pool. To accommodate smaller yards or people who would prefer a pool used for exercising versus pool parties, there are lap pools. They are longer and thinner than average sized pools, making it easy to slip outside for different kind of workout.

Backyard Pool Designs

– To turn your backyard into a tropical paradise consider a lagoon-shaped pool. A lagoon-shaped pool will not only be different in style but if your backyard has an odd shape or a lot of vegetation this kind of pool lets you work around these restrictions.

– For an elegant design, go for the infinity pool. The pool design makes it appear like the water stretches on to the horizon. This is a particularly impressive pool if you have a body of water near your home or a large open area such as a cliff or hills.

If you like the standard pool sizes but want to make it look more individualistic, there are a few things you can do give your pool personality.

– By adding a black-bottom to your pool, you make it look classy and different. As an added perk, it can slightly increase the temperature of your pool since it absorbs heat, although the temperature difference may not be enough to be very noticeable.

– The Jacuzzi does not have to be located in an entirely different part of the yard. You can create a two layer effect by having the Jacuzzi overflow into the pool. Guests can quickly move from one to the other.

– If you want your pool to be more than just still water, you can have a waterfall added. It will keep the water constantly flowing while creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere in your backyard.

– The easiest way to change the look of your pool is with the lighting. Use different colors and angles in and around the pool to give your backyard and pool a distinct look come sundown.

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