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Tips to Beautify Landscaping with Container Gardening

Looking for that perfect new focal point to perk up your landscape? Try one of these helpful tips for reusing what you probably already have—a healthy supply of garden pots. 1) Freshen the air around your front door. Flowers aren’t just pretty; they’re also nature’s deodorizers. Place a few of your more fragrant ones right […]

About Monday West

Monday West has been designing beautiful things for over 20 years. With a degree from UCLA in Landscape Architecture, she is well versed on all classes of design and home landscaping. Her focus is on the client, and what best suits their family. She has designed projects in every style possible, from Contemporary, to Craftsman, to Eclectic. She has an eye for color and style, and she is able to envision the final idea that pulls it all together. Plants are her specialty, and the way they are paired is unique as well as practical. Monday balances the construction business with her husband, Bill West, three kids, three dogs, and a lizard in sunny southern California. Google +

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California Lilac

One of the best Shrubs or Ground Covers for California Gardens.  Ceanothus (the botanical name) is native to many areas of the west coast.  The ground cover version (Ceanothus horizontalis) is one of my favorites.  It has these brilliant blue flowers, and shiny, strong leaves.  But beware, it doesn’t like too much water!  Plant it […]

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