How to Keep Your Flooring Looking Brand New

Your new home is one that you should be able to cherish for a long time, so how do you make sure that your hardwood investments keep their luster long enough for you to get your money’s worth? Here are some steps that you can take to keep your flooring looking brand new:

A stain can add a beautiful finish to your floors, but make sure it’s waterproof. It’s especially important to stain the bathroom and kitchen areas, since these are the areas that will experience the most water damage if left untreated.

Dust particles can actually scratch your wood flooring. Breaking out the duster is never a bad thing. Microfiber dusters attract dust mites and trap them, so you never need to go over the same spot twice. Additionally, using a microfiber duster is safer than using a broom, as brooms often contain microscopic shards of glass and other things which can damage the wood.

Use Only Hardwood-Safe Products
When it comes time to mop your hardwood floor, ensure that whatever you treat the mop with will not eat away at the beautiful stain you’ve applied. Erosion occurs over time, so you won’t know if you’re screwing up until you look back at years of faithful cleaning to find that it just doesn’t have the shine that it once did.

Vinegar is commonly used in cleaning and should be avoided like the plague when it comes to washing hardwood floors. The pH in vinegar is so high that it can and will strip the lining off your hardwood even in trace amounts. Also avoid using furniture sprays on your floors. These leave an oily film, which not only takes the shine away, but poses potential problems with traction.

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