Keep Pests Off Your Plants the Natural Way

Over the years the public has been made far more aware of the risks associated with pesticides and herbicides. If you are concerned about adding chemicals to your garden, there are four natural ways of helping to keep your flowers, plants and herbs pest free. It will not only be healthier for your, but your garden life as well.

Egg shells are a great way of deterring larger animals, like deer, from feasting on your plants or flowers. This increases the amount of space you have in your garbage can while giving your garden more nutrients. As you spent time in the kitchen getting food ready, make sure to put your egg shells aside for later use.

Dish soap is another great regular kitchen item that works well in your garden. By putting a little dish soup into a spray bottle and adding a considerable amount of water you have an inexpensive and reliable way of combating aphids. You need only about one tenth the amount of soap and water. The few chemicals in it are not nearly as harmful as regular those made specifically for your plants.

Cayenne Pepper is something that most bugs do not like. By adding a little bit to your garden, you will find yourself coming across less and less ants as the pepper seeps into the soil. It is also a great deterrent to your pets. Your dog will be considerably less likely to dig in it and your cat will be less likely to use the gardens as a restroom.

The oddest thing on the list is panty hose. They have a wide range of uses, but in terms of pest control panty hose can cover your plants to discourage small rodents and birds, even insects. If you like to grow melons, panty hose are perfect for stopping ground rot. As the melons grow, slip them into the panty hose to keep them safe. It may seem odd, but it gives those older pantyhose a purpose again as it keeps the melons safe.

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